She Fed the Devil (10 minute play)

Jessie gets a visit from Satan after worrying that she's going to Hell.
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She Fed the Devil (10 minute play)

Recommended by

  • George Sapio:
    7 Jul. 2023
    What to believe? What do you want to believe? Jessie's brush with Ol' Mister Scratch might, if she chooses unwisely, have eternal ramifications. A nice two-hander that will keep the audience guessing!
  • Samantha Marchant:
    25 Oct. 2022
    I love the idea of something you thought was fanciful as a kid being confirmed as an adult! Fun conversation about the after life.
  • Rey Dabalsa:
    18 Oct. 2022
    Who knew that Satan had it in him to be deceitful? In this clever play, a somewhat tormented Jessie gets a visit from Satan himself. He seems friendly enough, convinces her that she's not on his "list," and then gets her to understand the importance of being a bit more selfish. The play seems to be an expertely crafted allegory for life--not all that glitters is gold. The dialogue is crisp, the characters memorable, and the situtation presented must be a delight to bring to life. Highly recommend!

Character Information

  • Satan
    A person of any age, gender, or ethnicity can play Satan.
  • Jessie

Development History

  • Reading
    Indiana Playwrights Circle