She Fed the Devil (10 minute play)

Jessie gets a visit from Satan after worrying that she's going to Hell.
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She Fed the Devil (10 minute play)

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  • Christopher Plumridge:
    6 Sep. 2021
    She Fed the Devil is great a great two hander with a devilish twist in the tail. I really enjoyed the dialogue between Jessie and the surprisingly polite and charming Devil. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece! Give it a read and save your soul haha!
  • John Busser:
    21 Jul. 2021
    What a sneaky, low down, under-handed, manipulative, trickster Marcia Eppich-Harris is! And I mean that in the best way. She hooked me right from the start here, creating a crafty devil to rival the best of them. Not with threats or scares, but with some convincing positive reinforcement. I loved this play. Well done Marcia.
  • Mary Karty:
    10 Jun. 2021
    "She Fed the Devil" is smart and funny. Eppich-Harris's wry, dry wit is as bitter sweet as the berries Jessie fed the devil as a kid. In ten short minutes Jessie and the Devil go through sin, guilt, temptation, selflessness, selfishness, and self-care. It is like all of eternity can be decided in only ten minutes. The casting of this show and the Devil is very open to interpretation. Eppich-Harris gives enough room for nuance and subtext in this tight play, but there is always room for the Devil.

Character Information

  • Satan
    A person of any age, gender, or ethnicity can play Satan.
  • Jessie

Development History

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    Indiana Playwrights Circle