Fuck That I Wanna Be Famous

A surreal comedic adaptation of No Exit set in the world of a reality TV dating show. Four women arrive on set, ready to compete for the man of their dreams, but quickly find themselves trapped with only each other--and one mysterious producer-- for company. As the night goes on, secrets surface and reality begins to break down, forcing the contestants to decide how much they'll sacrifice in order to fall in love on TV.
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Fuck That I Wanna Be Famous

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  • SMJ .:
    3 Jul. 2023
    An incredibly funny and dark examination of why people feel the need to go on TV shows and how producers will do anything they can to exploit that. Wacky, fun, and complex. The dynamic between all of the characters is so well-crafted.
  • Jasmine Sharma:
    31 May. 2023
    Gorgeously wacky exploration of risk in the private v public world of reality TV. Juicy, complex roles for femme actors, equal parts funny and infuriating!

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    Open Fist Theatre Company