FULL LENGTH: Once he was a young boy getting lost in the cane fields. Soon after he was a teenager wanting to protect his family. Then he became an adult fighting for his identity. Now, Don Quique has grown old and there’s only one path for him; revenge! This is the story of Puerto Rico as told by a woman trying to explain its history the only way it survived, by telling the history of its people.
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Recommended by

  • Nick Malakhow:
    16 Jul. 2020
    Beautifully theatrical in its use of flexible time and space, powerful double-casting of certain characters, potent moments of audio and visual stimulation that heighten and help tell the story, and well-executed narration by a figure whose emotional stakes in the story become clear in a revealing and dynamic way. The narrative is consistently compelling and manages to interview the personal, political, and historical seamlessly. Gripping and begs to be seen live!
  • Chelsea Frandsen:
    15 Jan. 2020
    Nelson Diaz-Marcano is fast becoming one of may favorite playwrights. This play is so raw, so real, so emotionally driven and and important narrative of a part of history we don't talk about enough; a part of history we should talk about more often. This play needs to be seen, experienced and never forgotten!
  • Bleu Beckford-Burrell:
    16 Jul. 2018
    A page turning, enlightening insight on the pains and troubles of Puerto Rico, what it means to be from a country fighting to hold it's identity in the shadow of western ideal and capitalism. Great writing of history without the feeling of a lecture.

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    Coalition of Astoria Artists

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T. Schreiber 2017 New Works Project
T. Schreiber Studios