Boys Night In

BOYS NIGHT IN - 2M. One-Act (10 min), The power goes out on the hottest night of the year. As the thermostat rises, so does the tension between these two roommates.
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Boys Night In

Recommended by

  • Scott Sickles:
    10 Feb. 2019
    For every Bert who has lived with an Ernie and vice versa, this is a play about Guys! Guys far apart on the Spectrum of Guys. Not boys and not quite men, but Guys!

    There's barely a kind word said between them - mostly bitching and bravado - that makes the whole thing feel all the more true to life. These two dudes should not be friends or roomies which is why I believe that they are.

    Highly entertaining and a cinch to produce!

Production History

  • University
    Iowa State University in Ames, IA
  • Community Theater
    Mostly Harmless Productions in Schenectady, NY