The Improv Class

A type-A personality improv Player finds himself at odds with his
difficult elderly Scene Partner and his nurturing improv Teacher,
as he learns that he must start to apply improvisation into his
everyday life.
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The Improv Class

Recommended by

  • Mike Solomonson:
    19 Sep. 2020
    Anyone who has had some acting training can relate to the challenges of improv when one partner seems to be set on their own "agenda," so that familiarity brings about a lot of humor as the play initially unfolds. Then we get the twist, which pulls us in a new direction--just like the curve ball that can occur in improv. John Connon's script also has the benefit of having great flexibility in how the parts are cast.
  • Anna Chichester:
    21 Aug. 2020
    This play gave me WHIPLASH. What started out as a comedic rehashing of improvisational concepts that brought me back to my early days of short-form improv led to a beautiful depiction of the complexities of hardship and relationships. What is interesting to me is the juxtaposition of the nature of improv and the medium of scripted storytelling, and the payoff that serves the audience once we understand its depth. Absolutely amazing.
  • Julianne Jigour:
    20 Aug. 2020
    A beautiful and unexpected exploration of learning how to live with and love someone whose experience of the present and past is changing in painful ways.

Production History

  • Community Theater
    Art's Sake Studio Luna Dramatique


Baker's Dozen Top 13
Samuel French OOB Short Play Festival