Thea & Lily

A ten-minute play with a punch. Thea & Lily are stranded at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, but that's alright... Lily has a plan.
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Thea & Lily

Recommended by

  • Doug DeVita:
    20 Jun. 2021
    I love the way Willis sparsely uses language to create mood, tension, and humor in this short play; there’s a lot packed into its 10 pages, yet nothing is overstated; it moves with the swiftness of an unexpected sock to the jaw.
  • John Bavoso:
    22 Jun. 2017
    I saw a reading of this Thelma-and-Louise-esque piece and absolutely loved it. Willis' writing style and voice are innovative and refreshing, and the way Thea and Lily's relationship balances on the razor-thin edge of love and hostility is realistic and done with such finesse. I hope to one day see a full production of this!

Character Information

  • Thea
    Same age as Lily
  • Lily
    Same age as Thea
  • Sir
    A disembodied voice who’s about to have a bad day

Development History