Cooped up in their apartments during the Covid-19 quarantine, three friends pass the time at an online trivia event. When their zoom meeting is accidentally crashed by a distraught young woman trying to reach a suicide prevention hotline, they need to find a way to talk her down, and apply their pop culture knowledge and skills to a decidedly less trivial subject.
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Recommended by

  • Kate Mulley:
    13 Apr. 2022
    This play uses the zoom format very well. The technical challenges of zoom/living in a predominantly digital world almost feel like an unseen character in the play. The characters are charming and clever and the set-up and payoff are great!
  • Erin Moughon:
    6 Feb. 2022
    A delightful and moving zoom play! (Words I never thought I'd right, so hats off to O'Day!) A wonderful look at connecting during the crazy times. Well-drawn characters and a great premise.
  • Julie Zaffarano:
    9 Aug. 2021
    Michael C O'Day reminds us that you never know when and how you will make an impact on someone's else's life. The help doesn't need to be perfect and using what you know is not "trivial."

Production History

  • University
    Boston University Stage Troupe, One-Act Festival