2 women, 1 man (off-stage).

Gracie has been absent from work for an entire week, since returning from a work trip. Her boss, Sheryl, thinks she knows why. Can a c-suite exec who didn’t grow up in the era of #MeToo and an introverted Millennial have an open, unapologetic conversation about appropriate workplace behavior?
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Recommended by

  • Samantha Marchant:
    7 Sep. 2022
    There’s something enthralling about how these two female characters interact, reveal and find common ground.
  • Alexander Perez:
    3 May. 2022
    This was a surprisingly tender piece that defied the expectations of it's deceptively simple premise. It's hard to solve a problem when even those on the same side of the issue are afraid of what may come of candid conversation.

    Macy eschews common tropes of treading this topic by way of subverting our expectations of those in positions of authority and uses that to beautifully convey the inherit distrust in workspaces, especially between employees and their superiors, even if they're both members of the same oppressed demographic.

Character Information

  • Sheryl
    A c-suite executive who has been surrounded by men her whole professional life and has worked hard to rise to the top. Confident, intelligent, authoritative, seemingly strict.
  • Gracie
    An early career manager working in Sheryl's office. Introverted, apologetic, non-confrontational.
  • Marty
    A manager at Sheryl's office. Overly confident, argumentative, the ultimate mansplainer. We only hear his voice and do not see him on stage.

Development History

  • Reading
    Ken's Collective, La MaMa Studio, New York, NY

Production History

  • Professional
    Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival