Forget About Me

Gen X Moms and her high school senior Dots spend another night at home, fall 2020. Cake is baked, drugs are consumed, and lines are crossed, while they debate teen movies, whether or not John Bender is the villain, and wait for that thick envelope.
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Forget About Me

Recommended by

  • Ky Weeks:
    5 Apr. 2021
    A layered and challenging play, delving richly into a generation gap and how relationships can be both incredibly close and inescapably distant. The characters are flawed and yet understandably so, bending under the strain of a world that's naturally stressful. The use of 80's movies, as a source of comfort and a subject of attack, is really interesting, asking how much we can still gain from them and if things are really quite as we remember. Smart, insightful dialogue with some perfect uses of repetition.
  • Claudia Haas:
    24 Jan. 2021
    There have been landmines for teens and their parents throughout the ages. In Hansen’s two-hander, a mother and daughter explore these landmines and some cold, hard truths - and that truth is a landmine in itself. The banter is fast and furious but take your time in the read. Forget About Me contains a multitude of thought-provoking themes - each worthy of consideration. As I read it, I saw it - it would be riveting onstage.
  • Daniel Prillaman:
    18 Jan. 2021
    I DEVOURED this play. Hansen's dialogue is deceptively simple and naturalistic, lulling us into what almost seems to be a slice of life play until we hit that one reveal (one of the best I've ever seen) that changes everything. I could unpack Dots and Moms for ages and still gain new insight, and frankly those are the most lovely kind of characters. All that amongst the commentary of how well have those 80s movies really aged (and by association, how drastically the world has changed since our childhoods), and you've got an amazing intergenerational comedic drama.

Character Information

  • Moms
    late 40s, early 50s,
    Any Race/Ethnicity
    A single Gen X mother.
  • Dots
    Any Race/Ethnicity
    A high-achieving Gen Z high school senior.