radioactive decay

TEN-MINUTE. In the distant future, Xan has a party to celebrate what might be the last thirty-six hours of her life as she knows it. . . or it might be no big deal. A play about gene editing, friendship, and that song you really liked in high school.
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radioactive decay

Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    26 Jul. 2020
    A very funny piece about the party that puts all the pressure on and drastic times call for scientific experiments! Well done.
  • Jonathan Alexandratos:
    21 Nov. 2017
    Gijsbers van Wijk is a master at finding the heart and soul of sci-fi characters and settings and building a story around that. This 10-minute play is a great example of that talent! In a short amount of time, the playwright builds a world containing characters we emotionally invest in (because we relate to them, not because we're tricked into it), which makes the final loss of one land like a gut punch. We don't want to be done with this world, but we're glad we got to experience it, for however long. This is a fantastic piece!

Production History

  • Workshop
    Stable Cable Lab Co.