Menopause Play

Selected for THE BEST WOMEN'S STAGE MONOLOGUES 2024 (Smith and Kraus)

(10 Min) Fed up with having her menopausal symptoms unacknowledged and ignored, a playwright decides to write about it. This is her play, and you'd better listen.
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Menopause Play

Recommended by

  • Kitty Harper:
    30 May. 2023
    Everyone should learn about meopause by putting on a play of somesorts, but how to do that I'm not sure...
    This was great. Loved the meta style, and a few twists I wasn't expecting. Well done Jennifer.
  • Robyn Ginsburg Braverman:
    21 Oct. 2021
    Menopause is hilarious. Or, at least, it is now, because Jennifer O'Grady said so.
    Why is it so hard to understand that menopause is Just One Day - the 366th day after you last began a period? Why do we celebrate the onset of menses, but not the OFFset of it?
    No one knows, because we don't study women in health, "we" make guesses.
    This play tackles the attitudes that need to be Trounced.
  • Debbie Lamedman:
    16 Feb. 2021
    FINALLY! We need this play about menopause so badly. There are many of you out there who are exactly like the characters in Jennifer O'Grady's play. Who slink away at the mere mention of the word. Young women who find it "disgusting," though they will be facing it soon enough. Why is there such a stigma? O'Grady takes this unpopular subject matter and turns it on its head. Here we have a funny and relateable piece that can also edify those who wish to learn more. This should be required reading for all males and teens! Thank you, Jennifer O'Grady!

Character Information

  • Jan
    Late 40s/50s
    A playwright transitioning into menopause
  • Alex
    A theater A.D.
  • Ellie
    Early 20s
    Jan's daughter
  • Matt
    Late 40s/50s
    Jan's husbsand
  • Doctor
  • Woman
    A woman in the audience

Production History

  • High School
    Great Neck North High School


Publication, The Best Women's Stage Monologues 2024
Smith and Kraus