Going for a Walk with Sam

Ten-Minute: (2021) Allen, Sam, and Philip meet up at a park in the spirit of remembering good times and the last time they were together.

A sequel of sorts to "A Tree Grows in Longmont." Including in the compilation "Walking Plays."
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Going for a Walk with Sam

Recommended by

  • Dominica Plummer:
    4 May. 2021
    This cleverly crafted and warm hearted walking play is a play about two people and their beloved pup, Sam. Two of the trio are no longer alive, but in a play that is part memory, part dream, that doesn't prevent playwright Williams from finding ways to reunite them. As Sam reminisces and acts out the glorious walks he enjoyed with Philip and Allen, the past springs back to life and the three can forget their sadness at being apart, and remember the magic of being together.
  • D. Lee Miller:
    13 Apr. 2021
    A memory play that comes to life - just as we 'relive' our finest moments - which may also be our simplest and most mundane. Love is recaptured in this beautiful meeting of loves that have moved on, or transitioned, as some say. The transition here is in Philip, himself, able to finally accept the loss of his beloved pet so that they might relive the joy and comfort of being together. I'm glad he can revisit his dog whenever he likes now. I look forward to getting to meet them all on stage.
  • Ross Tedford Kendall:
    10 Apr. 2021
    A great play that touches on memories, with a mystical quality that gives it an otherworldy feel. This play really gives hope and meaning to life, in an affirming way.

Character Information

    A spirit.
  • SAM
    Cairn Terrier. A spirit. Sam is a dog, but it is very important that he not be portrayed in a clichéd “doggy” way. He is a spirit and should be perceived as such by both the characters and the audience.
    All too human.