One of Them

One Act (~5 mins). A seemingly compassionate phone call between a Mother and her Son suddenly turns combative.
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One of Them

Recommended by

  • Rachel Feeny-Williams:
    16 Jul. 2021
    Secrets between families are always complicated and this piece does a brilliant job of framing that. I personally thought it was a great mechanism to start with the 'lesser' secret and then casually drop into the conversation the bigger secret (sorry to be vague but you'll need to read it yourself). It was very cleverly done and I absolutely adored the closing line!
  • Evan Baughfman:
    9 Jul. 2021
    Everything about this piece feels real. Loved the voices of these characters!
  • DC Cathro:
    15 Jun. 2021
    Familial relationships are like snowflakes, and Houk dives deep into this mother and son in just a few pages. Pointed and bordering on combative, with an undercurrent of unspoken love, this short piece hits the right notes. Houk has a natural way with dialogue that feels almost voyeuristic, and that’s a high compliment.

Character Information

  • MOM
    Mid to Late 40s,
    Any race/ethicity
  • ANDY (SON)
    Late Teens/Early 20s,
    Any Race/Ethinicity