One of Them

One Act (~5 mins). A seemingly compassionate phone call between a Mother and her Son suddenly turns combative.
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One of Them

Recommended by

  • Toby Malone:
    12 May. 2021
    It's nice to live in a world where a character can be much more fazed about the idea of "coming out" to his parents as a theatre major than he is about coming out as gay. In this gently humorous two-hander, Craig Houk explores the idea of bias and what we internalize, and while it takes a sharp turn into territory that could be problematic, it is nicely resolved with a snappy, understanding ending. Nice work.
  • Robert Weibezahl:
    23 Apr. 2021
    So many have had some version of this phone call from hell but Houk infuses it with so much elliptical wit and sly wisdom that he takes us by surprise at every turn. This short gem would work equally well either staged or as an audio drama.
  • Elisabeth Giffin Speckman:
    13 Apr. 2021
    This play ends with a surprising, and welcome, twist that charms and helps make its serious subject matter more lighthearted. This play would fit in well in a festival of short plays.

Character Information

  • MOM
    Mid to Late 40s,
    Any race/ethicity
  • ANDY (SON)
    Late Teens/Early 20s,
    Any Race/Ethinicity