Lost in Place: Hank & Teddy

One Act (~10 mins). Early into a world-wide pandemic, good-natured Teddy, from across the road, checks in on his surly neighbor, Hank. A delicate exchange results in a bad decision.
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Lost in Place: Hank & Teddy

Recommended by

  • Jim Lunsford:
    14 May. 2021
    Craig Houk’s, Lost in Place: Teddy & Hank, like all great art, is both immediate and timeless. An uplifting story of two neighbors who have never met, both exquisitely distinctive and beautifully human, now living in a shared and challenging circumstance. It is an unsettling reality that each of them views from their own side of the street. Houk delivers characters who are at once powerfully resolute and painfully fragile. And when one of them musters the courage to cross the road, we are reminded that there is always much more that binds us together than separates us.
  • Rachael Carnes:
    11 Apr. 2021
    You can't pick your neighbors, and Houk's tender, funny relatable play-inside-a-pandemic so encapsulates the way in which the people we may share a building or block with, have become important, like a small village. I'll chat with anyone now! I guess I'm the Teddy: Always trying to help? Not sure it's helping? Still, when I take the longview of this street, we haven't lost anyone, except Jodi. She was our Hank and it was her time. Houk's play captures how I've been feeling, with prescient charm. Also: Craig, your landing page illustration = Next Level. #goals
  • Toby Malone:
    8 Apr. 2021
    A really nicely realized character study that never takes the easy choice by making one side or the other 'wrong': neighbors are people and people have differing opinions. During a pandemic, everything is heightened and elongated. This is a sweet piece that exposes both men in more ways than you'd expect. Nicely done.

Character Information

  • Teddy
    Mid Thirties,
    Any race (but likely Caucasian
  • Hank
    Early 50s,