Lost in Place: Trina & Adele

One Act (~10 mins). A year or so into a world-wide pandemic, Adele pays Trina a visit to follow up on a commitment she made. Part of the Lost In Place Anthology.
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Lost in Place: Trina & Adele

Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    14 Oct. 2021
    A powerful look inside what we keep hidden and what we are working through. Moving and well done.
  • Andrew Martineau:
    9 Jul. 2021
    Craig Houk has a true gift for writing varied, three-dimensional characters of every generation, gender, class, and culture. I could imagine the ease in which the actors would have bringing these exasperatingly ornery women to life because the dialogue and tension are so organic and funny. The ending took me a little by surprise since most of the action in the beginning deals with their trivial gripes. I realized these women are deeply emotional and really need each other. This is really excellent writing.
  • Robin Berl:
    23 Apr. 2021
    I fell in love with these "unlikable" women! Houk has brought to life two characters who highlight the pain, vulnerability, and loneliness inside us all, leaving the lasting impression of how truly important it is to build community and take care of each other.

Character Information

    Mid Sixties,
    Late Fifties,