Lost in Place: Trina & Adele

One Act (~10 mins). A year or so into a world-wide pandemic, Adele pays Trina a visit to follow up on a commitment she made. Part of the Lost In Place Anthology.
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Lost in Place: Trina & Adele

Recommended by

  • Robin Berl:
    23 Apr. 2021
    I fell in love with these "unlikable" women! Houk has brought to life two characters who highlight the pain, vulnerability, and loneliness inside us all, leaving the lasting impression of how truly important it is to build community and take care of each other.
  • Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn:
    22 Apr. 2021
    This whole series has just been so wonderfully crafted. When I saw this one was up, I added it to my reading list immediately and I am glad I did. Lost in Place is going to be a great evening of theatre. And these are two more very full, rich characters actors are going to love diving into!
  • Vince Gatton:
    18 Apr. 2021
    Damn, how I know these women: prickly, cantankerous, and not the least bit interested in being liked. The bits of vulnerability that do peek out here are surely due the extremity of the circumstances - but it’s the rarity of those overt little flickers of empathy or kindness that make them so telling, so special, and so moving. A funny, sad, and sigh-worthy addition to the Lost in Place series.

Character Information

    Mid Sixties,
    Any race
    Late Fifties,
    Any race