Lost in Place: Marlene & Ginny

One Act (~10 mins). Early into a world-wide pandemic, Marlene and her mother-in-law, Ginny, decide to get fancy and make martinis. Their fun, however, is interrupted by that damn lesbian from next door, who's hell-bent on stealing their rutabagas. Seems Dwayne, Marlene's infant child, has slept through the whole ruckus. Part of the Lost In Place Anthology.
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Lost in Place: Marlene & Ginny

Recommended by

  • Emily McClain:
    26 May. 2021
    There is an unsettling sense of foreboding from the first lines of this piece, and each moment of escalation, even the comic ones, contribute to growing dread. You know something bad is coming, but you don't know what. Houk's weaving of the morbid and the mundane creates such incredible tension. Excellent and disturbing!
  • Vivian Lermond:
    24 May. 2021
    Houk plays with us. Just when we believe Marlene and Ginny are about to enter a truce in their tension-taut relationship, and we feel that forgiveness is possible, BAM! A chilling twist that you don't see coming. Well-drawn characters and an engaging plot pull us in, but it is the finale that leaves us gobsmacked. Terrific!
  • Philip Middleton Williams:
    24 May. 2021
    I'm not sure what rattled me more in reading this short piece: the casualness of the situation that unfolds, or the fact that it disturbs me so. That is not to say that Craig Houk doesn't give us a very well-crafted and suspenseful story with characters of depth and dimension beyond the pages. He does, and more. Perhaps that is what makes it work so well: the intricate but straightforward weaving of this tale. We fully understand what is important to both Marlene and Ginny, and the choices they make, and that is all the more disturbing.

Character Information

    Late 30s,
    Any Race/Ethnicity
    Late Fifties,
    Any Race/Ethinicity