Backfired (a monologue)

[Monologue : Approx 3 Minutes] Love, hope, and hearing what we want to hear. Anna, a young high school student, tells her tragic story about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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Backfired (a monologue)

Recommended by

  • Christopher Plumridge:
    13 Mar. 2023
    This monologue is so incredibly tense, gritty, scary, yet beautiful in parts, as Anna tells of her life and loves.
    She steals away to meet the boy of her dreams, a car backfires and quickly her whole world has changed.
    A powerful monologue on a subject that should never exist and should never have to be written about.
  • Cheryl Bear:
    6 Jul. 2022
    An incredibly powerful monologue that takes you into the murder that happens to endless children as mass shootings in schools continue.
  • Vivian Lermond:
    17 Apr. 2020
    Riveting storytelling that leads us in unsuspecting steps toward a very unexpected denouement! Beautiful!

Character Information

  • Anna

Development History

  • Reading
    Samuel French, Theatre & Film Bookshop