The End of the Road

Beth and Letia are on a road trip to scatter their late mother’s ashes. But a fork in the road changes their plans. They end up on a road to nowhere with no idea how to back to somewhere.
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The End of the Road

Recommended by

  • Emily Hageman:
    27 Jul. 2018
    I adore the way Haas writes sisters. They have such a deep, natural relationship--and Beth and Letia are polar opposites. I love how Mom's urn is an odd third character. I couldn't stop smiling as I read this play--it's silly and crazy and ridiculous, but it's tender and heartfelt and a little spooky. Two actresses would love this hilarious ten minute play--and audiences would connect too.
  • Lee R. Lawing:
    5 Jul. 2018
    I love this play! The humor and the sisters and their discussions of snakes, ghosts and aliens. The bond between them is so believable and the dialogue is so funny and the action flies by because of it. There's never one false word in this tightly woven gem!! Bravo!
  • Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos:
    27 Apr. 2018
    If you've ever been out in the remote desert after dark, you know that anything is possible - especially aliens. Moments of humor, sadness and magic make this short play endearing and rich. The sisters' relationship is real, and we even have a good grasp of who mom is though she never makes an appearance. A really fun and funny two-hander that's unpredictable and just a little bit scary in all the best ways. Highly recommend.

Character Information

  • Letia
    Beth’s younger sister who hears the sound of a distant drummer.
  • Beth
    Cautious, protective sister of Letia

Production History

  • Community Theater
    Renaissance Theaterworks