Apollo's Defiance

The god of truth holds a town hall meeting to dispute accusations recently made against him.
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Apollo's Defiance

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  • Alice Josephs:
    24 May. 2021
    History, we used to be told, is written by the victors. But some of those victors have lived long enough to enter the age of mobiles, the internet and rolling news. In this succinct revision of the Greek myth Apollo for the #Metoo era, a political golden boy unravels during the course of his made-for-TV speech and mobile phone-led news updates. Joshua Young captures with arrow-sharp accuracy the brazen tone of a caught-out but lawyered up legislator in a piece which would be equally effective on stage or screen.
  • Jeffrey James Keyes:
    20 May. 2021
    Wow, this monologue really makes me reflect on all of the "gods" we've put on pedestals over the years. While reading this monologue in a post-Trump, post-Weinstein, post-Epstein America is so satisfying. In "Apollo's Defiance", Joshua Young flexes his masterful skill of allegory, humor, and language.
  • Asher Wyndham:
    24 Oct. 2018
    A comic monologue that captures through the character of Apollo toxic masculinity. Makes you think about the Apollonian men of entertainment and politics, of art and history -- the celebrated, esteemed men that our culture mythologizes as genuises or god-like, free from censor or judgement -- who claim they're innocent because Truth is supposedly on their side. Evil, transgressions, incivility, acts of violence -- much of the time is now unforgivable, regardless of accomplishments and virtues. This monologue showcases a repeated bullshit defense we hear on media's stage and off stage. Check it out.

Production History

  • Professional
    Detention Series #44 at Primary Stages ESPA, New York, NY