TEN MINUTES: Tris and Harley's relationship is going along smoothly, until Tris smells deceit.
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Recommended by

  • Asher Wyndham:
    29 May. 2018
    New couples, straight or gay or bi, lesbian or not, could relate to this -- the smallest thing like used conditioner can be the firecracker in a relationship, whether or not it can be saved or not. The transition from comedy to drama is executed perfectly; many playwrights can't go that transition smoothly. Another winning short by Jordan. A smart choice for any GLBTQI/Queer festival.
  • Lee R. Lawing:
    29 May. 2018
    Such a great play about very real emotions and happenings. The simplest things can lead to such life-changing events. I started out laughing and then felt so sad at the end, but that is the beauty of Jordan's writing that can touch on every nerve as most arguments and events do. I highly recommend this play and would so enjoy seeing it performed!
  • Brendan Beseth:
    24 May. 2018
    This is a really great ten minute play! Excellent, totally realistic dialogue that reveals the complexities of the characters in a natural way. Henry shows her talent for writing great dialogue here. The play is about the end (or beginning?) of a relationship over something completely innocuous. I love this play and recommend it highly!

Production History

  • Community Theater
    Out of Box Theatre, Women's Shorts
  • Professional
    Playwrights' Round Table Summer Shorts