Juicy Moosey is a juice bar in a wealthy NYC neighborhood, and both a home and a hellscape to its little band of workers. The workers come together, fall apart, and grow up, all in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • Toby Malone:
    29 Apr. 2022
    I love Mollie Gordon's writing. With a wonderful knack for characterization, Mollie crafts an incredibly relatable look in at a group of young people working in a NYC juice bar over the course of a summer. It's inclusive, varied, and funny, with a brilliantly simple device of nominating each scene to be represented by one of the characters as DJ, as they have their phone plugged in to the store's speakers, which would bring an entirely new level not present in a read. It's a wonderful story of hope and potential: I hope this will be produced often.
  • Cole Friedman:
    11 Apr. 2022
    Gordon develops such rich relationships in this very funny and tender play, all while wrestling with the very nature of retail: what does it mean to find community with people who can be replaced at will? There is no answer that will suffice, but the spirited characters of "juice" show us the love, agony, and joy that can be found right next to a blender.

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