Deal Me Out

A group of social outcasts meet for their weekly board game meet-up in Oberon's father's garage with an uncomfortable goal: tell one of the founding members that he's been kicked out. Tensions flare as Dez bargains to keep his only friendships and preserve the only pocket of safety all six players have in an unfriendly suburb during a contentious political moment.
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Deal Me Out

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  • Kevin Cirone:
    18 Mar. 2019
    A lovely, dark ensemble piece; a stark look at twenty-something outcasts whose interpersonal relationships are strained by forces geopolitical and personal. The flashback mechanic serves the character back stories well and the interweaving of gameplay rules is a nice counterbalance when applied to rule-defying personalities. Would love to see this produced.
  • Greg Lam:
    5 Mar. 2019
    An intriguing look at group dynamics which lets us sit in on a longstanding board gaming group which has decided that one of its members has to leave for the sake of the whole in the wake of the 2016 election. Halberstadt uses sharply drawn characters which lets the issues percolate beneath the surface, and the boardgaming culture is done justice with well chosen references. The play be featured in an upcoming episode of Boston Podcast Players (

Development History

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    Huntington Theatre Company