Emily Dickinson Talks to God, Now

Fredericka Barnes comes back from her neighbor Emily's funeral to reflect on how much this woman knew about life despite the fact that she rarely left her home.
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Emily Dickinson Talks to God, Now

Recommended by

  • Steven G. Martin:
    27 Oct. 2018
    Lee Lawing's insights into love, writing, silence and loneliness flow like water in this monologue. They quench the audience and his character, 50-something Fredricka Barnes. Lawing has insights into loss, too, and regrets as well as coming to terms with those regrets and that loss. Barnes is a marvelous character, certain about many things as a woman that she had been uncertain about as a teenager. That knowledge is worth everything. This is a lovely script.
  • Jennifer O'Grady:
    23 Oct. 2018
    As a huge Emily Dickinson fan I was immediately drawn to this monologue play, which shows the mysterious and reclusive Dickinson from the perspective of one of her neighbors, who has troubles of her own. This is a beautiful and haunting piece that would no doubt transfix an audience, and which would be a joy for an actor to perform. I'd love to see it on stage.
  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    17 Aug. 2018
    Wonderful work - Emily Dickinson Talks to God, Now - has such intriguing subtext, and there is so much to play with here, it is a rich, exciting piece of theatre!

Production History

  • University
    Wintrhop University--New Voices Competition