The Heart Play

April Hagen doesn’t qualify for the life-saving heart transplant she needs. While she’s accepted that, her three sons haven’t. In fact, they’ve set out on a plan to steal her a new heart and perform a DIY transplant in the living room of their childhood home.
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The Heart Play

Recommended by

  • Kitchen Dog Theater:
    27 May. 2019
    We are pleased to support this play! It was a Finalist for the 2019 New Works Festival at Kitchen Dog Theater in Dallas, Texas.

Character Information

  • April Hagen
    late fifties, sixties,
    Presents Female
    Mother of the three Hagen men. Suffering from a failing and broken heart.
  • Drake Hagen
    Early-mid thirties,
    Written male, but easily flipped to female or non-binary.
    The oldest Hagen brother. Mean, driven, manipulative.
  • Samuel Hagen
    Mid-late twenties, early thirties
    The youngest Hagen brother. Soft-spoken, physically daunting.
  • Ben Hagen
    Late twenties, early thirties
    The middle Hagen brother. Compassionate, cowardly.
  • Joel
    Early twenties,
    Presents Male
    A worker indignant at his abduction. Serves as narrator in addition to captive.
  • Father Kramer
    Character must present as male given Catholic church's practice, but actor need not be.
    A loose-lipped priest with a drinking problem.

Development History

  • Reading
    Monstrous Little Theatre Company