No One Talks About It: A 10 minute Lactation Play

Tabby has seen enough breastfeeding! And after this last nipple citing, Tabby can no longer contain her own feelings of regret, loss, disappointment, and resentment with her own breast feeding struggles, and is now a steaming engine of a mom-tornado, and it's just unfortunate that mom-to-be Deb has landed in her path!
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No One Talks About It: A 10 minute Lactation Play

Recommended by

  • Emily Grimany:
    7 May. 2021
    Finally a play that talks about real problems facing new mothers! Any mom who struggled with breastfeeding can easily relate to Tabby. This is a play that should be performed everywhere because we really don't talk about this topic enough.
  • Steven G. Martin:
    3 Apr. 2021
    Cassie M. Seinuk has written a play that gives voice to those women who are affected by breastfeeding issues. Seinuk's compassion and empathy shine through protagonist Tabby, who may finally have had enough.

    What I found especially emotional in "No One Talks About It: A 10-Minute Lactation Play" is the final beat, and I saw just how much Tabby wants what she hasn't experienced. Clear, pure want shown through Seinuk's directness of action and dialogue.
  • Jennifer O'Grady:
    3 Apr. 2021
    I'm so glad this was the featured play and that I got to read it. Speaking as parent, I think this play perfectly captures the acute pain and tacit societal shaming of women who have difficulties with breastfeeding--difficulties that are often unanticipated because--like miscarriage before it--no one ever freaking talks about it. Thank you, Cassie M. Seinuk, for writing such a moving and illuminating play on this topic!

Character Information

    late 20s to early 40s
    a mother who has her shit together, but it's been a challenging year. Tabby is not mean, she's an engine that has steam to let out.
  • DEB
    about the same age as TABBY
    about 5-7 months pregnant with her first, she is not a doormat, but she is an introvert and absorbs more than she speaks.

Development History

  • Reading
    Our Voices Festival

Production History

  • Professional
    Boston Playwrights' Theatre and the A.R.T
  • Fringe
    Nylon Fusion Collective