Bad Chinese

So you've decided you want to become a Good Chinese person. Tired of not being able to speak your own language? Tired of being judged by those who look like you? Excellent. You're ready to purge the Bad Chinese, become Good – and you've come to the right place.
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Bad Chinese

Recommended by

  • Shaun Leisher:
    30 Aug. 2019
    Really hysterical satire that explores the idea of the model minority. We laugh at what seems absurd until it all rings too true.
  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    29 Aug. 2019
    This play is hilarious and touching all at once, or actually first it's hilarious and then it's touching. I love the ending. I love the premise. I love how easily I relate to it as a Bad Jew and probably a Bad New Yorker, definitely a Bad Philadelphian and just Bad in General at who I'm supposed to be. So I think it's super relatable and defamiliarizes identity and who we think we are and how we're supposed to be! FUN!

Production History

  • Fringe
    Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival (Self-Produced)