Hashtag Jones (short)

A hashtag comes to life and embodies the tragic story of a young man trapped in a Twitter war.
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Hashtag Jones (short)

Recommended by

  • Emily Hageman:
    18 Jun. 2020
    This is an absolutely incredible play, one that we need right now. It's powerful, honest, sincere, and hits perfectly in a very, very sore and disgusting spot in our country. This is a masterful piece of writing, and it should be required viewing for everyone in our country.
  • Jordan Ramirez Puckett:
    3 Jun. 2020
    Every theatre in America should be reading this play right now and producing it. It's poignant and unfortunately very timely. I hope to see a production of it very soon.
  • Chris Klinger:
    18 Mar. 2020
    This is a POWERFUL piece of theatre that examines the dangerous effects of social media and how the truth can be manipulated to fit a narrative. The unfiltered truth Hashtag Jones throws at the audience about how Black Lives are perceived in America is unsettling, yet necessary. The way it is written gives whoever directs this piece lots of creativity to play with staging. It received a much-deserved standing ovation when performed at my school's Black History Program! Highly recommend!

Character Information

  • Hashtag, aka Jamal Jones
    17, teens, teenager,
    Male, boy
  • Commentator
    30s+, middle aged,
    , Array
  • Activist
    Female-identifying, Female, woman

Development History

  • Workshop
    Ohio University Midnight Madness

Production History