Here's Hoping

One-Act: (1994) An HIV/AIDS support group meets in a church basement and embraces the reluctant and frightened parents of an AIDS victim.

Commissioned by Northern Michigan Planned Parenthood for World AIDS Day 1994.
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Here's Hoping

Recommended by

  • Sabrina Rose Bivens:
    5 Jun. 2021
    The terror of losing someone you love—or even yourself—to a slow and often painful death is a lot to bear for anyone. Especially when dealing with social stigma and misinformation. Philip Middleton Williams has brilliantly placed a moment in history still extremely relevant today into a beautiful time capsule for all to see. This short play is poignant and necessary. A must read and should be produced at least once by every theatre company. Do your part to educate.
  • Bruce Karp:
    8 Sep. 2020
    Though written in 1994, Williams' play still packs a punch. Thankfully, there are now treatments for HIV/AIDS that prolong life significantly. The play also reminds us of our current pandemic and the need to be united and smart about the ways to handle the virus and mitigate its damage. The dialogue is realistic and haunting - well done, sir!
  • Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn:
    4 Jun. 2020
    It's easy to forget how serious the AIDS crisis was/still is. This is a powerful piece that shows how hard it is to accept when things are out of your control. Very informative and educational. Williams knows how to take a hard topic and inform in a very real and touching manner.

Development History

  • Commission
    Troupe Teen Theatre, Northern Michigan Planned Parenthood, Petoskey, MI

Production History

  • Community Theater
    Troupe Teen Theatre, Northern Michigan Planned Parenthood