'Rain on Fire

Marie comes home to plan her addicted mother Lorraine’s funeral. "Rain" left a surprising final wish for Marie and her cousin Caleb, a meth user, to fulfill together. Marie struggles with her anger and loss in a tense, and often funny, play that deals with the opiate crisis in Michigan's northwoods.
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'Rain on Fire

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  • Suzan Fete:
    28 Dec. 2020
    I'm so pleased to recommend this lovely play. 'RAIN ON FIRE was unanimously chosen as a resident play in Renaissance Theaterworks' 2019 annual BR!NK New Play Festival.
    Without preaching or relying on stereotypes, the play illuminates rural America's opioid crisis.  Focusing on one family's struggles, Saari uses humor, music and well-drawn characters to tell a moving story about loss and forgiveness. 
  • Talk Back Theatre:
    8 Dec. 2020
    Talk Back Theatre is please to endorse 'RAIN ON FIRE, winner of our 2020 Playwriting Prize. This play stood out to us in a sea of hundreds as an example of a play that grapples with challenging issues while remaining, at its core, a story about people. Delicately balancing humor and grief, seriousness and playfulness, expectations and surprises, 'RAIN ON FIRE engages the audience through a cast of genuinely real people, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of their character and their connections to one another.
  • Cheryl Bear:
    23 Aug. 2020
    A genuine and moving play on the struggle and impact addiction has on a family. Heartfelt and well done.

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