'Rain on Fire

Marie comes home to plan her addicted mother Lorraine’s funeral. "Rain" left a surprising final wish for Marie and her cousin Caleb, a meth user, to fulfill together. Marie struggles with her anger and loss in a tense, and often funny, play that deals with the opiate crisis in Michigan's northwoods.
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'Rain on Fire

Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    23 Aug. 2020
    A genuine and moving play on the struggle and impact addiction has on a family. Heartfelt and well done.
  • Ryan Bernsten:
    23 Jun. 2020
    A lovely, sensitive meditation on loss at the hands of the opioid epidemic. Saari creates an effortless sense of place in Michigan's UP and writes characters who we like and root for, even when they show flashes of intolerance. This play refreshingly illiterates the pains and hopes that exist in forgotten parts of America.
  • Rachael Carnes:
    17 Oct. 2019
    A stunning play, penned with delicate brush strokes, that combine into a beautiful, temperate piece of art about a challenging world so many people face. Saari's voice is so clear, her characters right in that sweet spot: Broken but likable. The structure of this play interlocks effectively, effortlessly. It's an emotional arc, told with great restraint. So glad to read this writer - looking forward to reading more of her work soon.

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