The Prophecy of the Crows

The crows reluctantly gather for an emergency meeting. Putting their wings together, they hatch a plan to save the planet. Is murder on the menu?
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The Prophecy of the Crows

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  • Michael C. O'Day:
    28 Jun. 2023
    As weirdly delightful a piece of agitprop - about impending climate catastrophe and mass extinction, no less - as you're ever likely to find. Probst's CROWS are a marvelous, chatty bunch, brimming with personality and strange avian mythology and off-beat humor - until their meeting of the minds turns deadly serious, and we realize just how serious the stakes are for all of us. Actors and costume designers, have at it!
  • Philip Middleton Williams:
    27 Jun. 2023
    As an avid bird-watcher for over sixty years, I loved watching this conversation from the Family Corvidae as they worried about the humans fouling their -- and our -- global nest. As most birders know, crows are among the smartest beings, and their plans for saving the planet are both clever and... well, read this play and you'll see that "bird-brain" is a chauvinistic human insult to a noble collection of crows who seem to care more about global survival than we do.

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    Valdez Theatre Conference