Jojo has a new job! She's taken it upon herself to memorize and deliver messages in her cozy Brooklyn neighborhood. One message, however, finds her engaging in a fascinating conversation with Thad, which ranges from love, to sex, to chemicals, in this short one act.
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Recommended by

  • Alexander Perez:
    28 Apr. 2022
    An irresistibly charming comedy that feels like hanging out with a best friend you just met. Holbrook spins colloquial yarns of love, loss, yearning, and hope by way of two of the most likeable characters I've ever had the pleasure of reading.
  • Doug DeVita:
    4 May. 2020
    Short, sweet, and totally winning, this play lingers in the mind and heart long after having been read. Both characters are delightful, and together they create a memorable, non-sexual chemistry that drives the work forward with a wonderfully loopy, but sincere energy. I'd love to see this staged.
  • Paco José Madden:
    27 Apr. 2020
    A play about love, connection, chemistry and difference. JoJo is an asexual messenger of bad news with a message from dumpee to dumper. But she meets the wrong guy. Nevertheless, the new guy has a message of love of his own that needs delievery. Chemistry is a heartfelt dramedy. Plus, you find out about the chemicals in Tide. 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Production History

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    The Motor Company