Jojo has a new job! She's taken it upon herself to memorize and deliver messages in her cozy Brooklyn neighborhood. One message, however, finds her engaging in a fascinating conversation with Thad, which ranges from love, to sex, to chemicals, in this short one act.
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  • Andrea Aptecker:
    13 Sep. 2022
    This was lovely, so funny and bittersweet and unique. I love the idea of someone getting paid to deliver in-person messages (or rants) to people in the neighborhood, it's so charming and weird. And the idea of having chemistry is masterfully woven throughout the play. This script is special.
  • Dan Caffrey:
    2 Sep. 2022
    So effortlessly sweet, and yet reveals a surprising amount of depth by the end without losing its charm. There's something refreshing about watching a conversation between two strangers build and build and build until it's asking meaningful questions about romance, physical affection, and yes, science.
  • Samantha Marchant:
    19 Aug. 2022
    I learned a lot from this script. About people, love and chemistry. I greatly enjoyed the short amount of time I got to spend with Thad and Jo-Jo.

Development History

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    Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival

Production History

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    The Motor Company