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  • Aleks Merilo:
    15 Mar. 2020
    I saw this riveting production at ACT in Seattle. So few scripts accomplish the feat of creating genuine lives of teenagers, let alone teenage girls. Sarah DeLappe does this with a masterful ear for dialogue, and clever theatrical conventions - Young female characters identified only as their numbers hits the audience with a jolt of anxiety, melancholy, and compassion simultaneously. The dialogue of American youth is pure and deliberately unvarnished, and it is so impressive to see the how the characters are introduced in a manner that defies cliché and predictable characterizations. This script is a masterclass in ensemble playwriting.
  • Timothy Gadomski:
    15 Nov. 2019
    Was lucky enough to see this performed at U New Haven last night. What a great show! Relatable and important in every way. If you're looking for something that will bring you back to HS sports, make you laugh along the way, and shatter your heart at the end... This is the show to pick.
  • M.r. Fitzgerald:
    3 Jun. 2019
    I was fortunate enough to see The Wolves in production at Ohio University and experienced Delappe's electrifying and zesty dialogue being passed between the actors like a soccer ball first hand. I also deeply appreciate how the play begins as "all fun and games" until hardships and insecurities start building and building until, as in life, tragedy and hardship strike. The girls ban together, tear apart, laugh, cry, call each other "bitch" and tell each other "I love you" in this wild roller coaster back to adolescence and leaves the viewer amazed of how far we've come in our packs.
  • Rachel Luann Strayer:
    14 May. 2019
    This play is brutal and beautiful. DeLappe captures the raw edges of high school girls who want so badly to find a place for themselves in the world. Whether they hope to belong to the group, or want to move on into adulthood; whether they are trying to make a difference in the world at large, or just trying to make it to the next match, these girls are real and sharp and human. This is a really important play and I hope many young women get to experience it.
  • Quinn Xavier Hernandez:
    13 May. 2019
    Such a powerful and timely play! The characters are vibrant and diverse––while I don't always love a group protagonist, THE WOLVES certainly manages to make the concept shine!
  • Greg Romero:
    12 May. 2019
    I LOVE this play so much. It has easily become one of my favorite plays of all time and I marvel at it, over and over, as I re-read it again.

    BONUS: I read this play with my "Introduction to Theater" students (out loud in class) and it is almost always their very favorite play as well.

    THANK YOU, Sarah DeLappe for this huge gift.
  • Greg Burdick:
    27 Mar. 2019
    The young ladies depicted in this story must navigate through some of the wildest, untamed, and most dangerous territory: adolescence. This wolf pack has each other to rely on during the journey, but there are also many challenges for dominance. They’re playing a game, but be assured- blood, sweat, and tears are all part of the deal here, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. DeLappe has crafted a coming of age tale that unquestionably redefines the genre. A stunning work.
  • Asher Wyndham:
    29 Jan. 2019
    The best ensemble play I've seen in my entire life. Destined to be a classic play on American adolesence.
  • Eric Pfeffinger:
    21 Jan. 2019
    Innovative and surefooted, built on a confident awareness that the most momentous drama in our lives often expresses itself through the most unassuming and mundane moments.
  • Ryan M. Bultrowicz:
    6 Jan. 2019
    Fantastic show that really nails the spirit and tragedy of adolescence. Hilarious at moments and haunting at others; this show has the perfect blend. Super honest with its subject matter. There's a reason this play is produced so often.