Only Human

(Monologue) A Catholic priest remembers a tragedy in his past. (Based on the shooting at Our Lady of Peace Roman Catholic Church in Lynnbrook, NY)
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Only Human

Recommended by

  • Emily Hageman:
    17 Apr. 2019
    An absolutely breathtaking piece. O'Grady has such a gift for storytelling and character and doing so much with so little. This feels so real--every bit of it. It's written from such a place of raw honesty and truthfulness. It is somehow simultaneously delicate and fragile while being incredibly powerful and demanding of attention. One of the best monologues I've ever read.
  • Greg Burdick:
    18 Feb. 2019
    Jennifer O'Grady has penned a powerful monologue examining survivor's guilt, and the limitations of man when confronted with gun violence. This short play, despite its traumatic subject matter, features strong flashes of humor and humanity. An excellent addition to Code Red Playwrights' latest offering of shorts.
  • Donna Gordon:
    7 Feb. 2019
    An interesting take on gun violence and how it affects the innocent. What would Jesus do? That's a good question for the survivors and one we all need to ask if affected by this crisis.

Character Information

  • Rob
    A Catholic priest. He could be wearing a priest's uniform or ordinary street clothes.

Development History

  • Reading
    Phoenix Theatre, Minneapolis

Production History

  • University
    Factory Theatre at Greenville University New Play Festival