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  • Nora Louise Syran:
    28 Oct. 2023
    I laughed out loud at the stage directions describing the first appearance of the father in this short, comic and yet tender piece. It's the dawn of the millennium where in Gatton's hopeful world view of the decades to come, "you can like, express yourself however you feel comfortable with no fear, just love and joy from everyone around you." A fun short piece for designers, actors and audience alike.
  • Scott Sickles:
    7 Sep. 2023
    I have never partaken of The Ecstacy but if it’s even half as joyous as this play, I’d be in serious trouble.

    I remember the eve of the millennium. So much anxiety. Gatton lands us in the middle of an oasis of bliss. Of hope. Of possiblity. At the end of an era where teenagers knew what checks were. And then… WOW!

    The characters are as vivid and complex as the colors on an acid trip. The heart of this play overflows, grounded in an ordinariness that demands to be overcome by unconsidered delights.

    A masterpiece.
  • Steven G. Martin:
    19 Feb. 2023
    Vince Gatton comically, earnestly, and darkly reminds audiences of the excitement of living at the edge of the new millennium. Everything is possible when the future is so close you can touch it, which is wonderful and freeing but also frightening and scary.

    And I love that his main character, Kelly, is in her teens. Her view of the world and her family has changed because of the actions in "Neon Glowing New." Some coming-of-age stories include X.
  • Jillian Blevins:
    7 Nov. 2022
    NEON GLOWING NEW captures the anxious optimism of 1999—the feeling of endless possibility mixed with anticipation of the unknown as we hurtled towards a new millennium. With great humor and nostalgia, Vince Gatton recalls how that moment in time created a unique chaos in young people and in their families.

    Having been a teen in ‘99, and now a parent who’s not nearly done finding myself, I appreciated the perspectives offered by both Kelly her gleefully dorky dad.
  • DC Cathro:
    25 Sep. 2021
    Gatton paints a vivid picture in this short piece about heading into the millennium with wonder and gusto, and that glowing picture is full of humor tinged with sadness and the horror of watching one of your parents invade what was supposed to be your foray into a brave new world. Much like an actual rave, his writing is an assault to your senses and just as intoxicating. Drink up, it’s a great ride.
  • Sasha Karuc:
    15 Sep. 2021
    Children often see their parents as static and removed from their world, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Vince Gatton’s NEON GLOWING NEW puts a fun twist to the “child embarrassed by a parent” dynamic when Kelly’s dad interrupts her night out at a rave. Lovely, touching, and funny.
  • Duncan Pflaster:
    17 Jul. 2021
    A sweet and unusual story about the freedom of 90s rave culture and what it can mean to open your mind to new experiences. Funny, touching, and well-observed.
  • Eytan Deray:
    21 Nov. 2020
    Imagine if Jim's Dad from "American Pie" went to a rave with his kids. Vince Gatton sure can. "Neon Glowing New" is a riot from beginning to end, with a fair share of surprises to upend the laughs.
  • Cheryl Bear:
    19 Mar. 2020
    Dad coming to the party is always the way to get kids to behave, very funny!
  • Rich Espey:
    4 Aug. 2015
    A wonderful, funny, surprising, short play that upends traditional parent-child drama.