Belle, ex-wife of a Beast (monologue)

Selected for The Writer's Block Radio Hour (2020)

(Monologue) A former princess speaks.
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Belle, ex-wife of a Beast (monologue)

Recommended by

  • Arianna Rose:
    8 Jul. 2020
    What a treat to hear this monologue performed on Writer's Block Radio Hour in Scotland. A funny, feisty take on what really happened to Belle that will appeal to all adventurous spirits. A terrific audition piece and a fabulous dramatic work. Kudos to Jennifer O'Grady for the new -and needed- perspective.
  • Vivian Lermond:
    1 Jun. 2020
    A wonderful, rich work written for performance! O'Grady gives us a Belle full of sash and spunk and self-empowerment! Just loved it!
  • Elisabeth Giffin Speckman:
    26 May. 2020
    Good fit for a spunky actress, filled with moments of defiance, humor, vulnerability, and power! I could see teen actresses especially enjoying this piece for performance or as audition material.

Character Information

  • Belle

Development History

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    Writer's Block Radio Hour (Glasgow, Scotland)