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  • Ian Thal:
    22 Mar. 2020
    A darkly sophisticated comedy that dances on the guillotine blade's edge between laughter and political violence. You may end up questioning what you think you know about historical figures like Marie Antoinette, the role caricatures serve in justifying tyrannical actions, and how the idea of revolution could bring reforms at the cost of compassion, forgiveness, and the conscience of a society undergoing upheaval.

    I reviewed the Boston area premiere in 2017: https://artsfuse.org/165280/theater-review-the-revolutionists-comedy-during-the-reign-of-terror/
  • Quinn Xavier Hernandez:
    8 May. 2018
    Filled with strong women, immense purpose, and a perfect amount of humor. The Revolutionists is a fabulous look at history and the women behind it.
  • Paul K Smith:
    26 Sep. 2017
    A theatrical joy from the first moments:


    Well that’s not a way to start comedy.
    With an execution? Warm us up a little first.
    No. The play can’t be about terror and death, it has to be about... grace and power in the face of it. Yes. There we go. That’s good."
  • Annalise Cain:
    26 Jun. 2017
    I just saw this play in Austin, and I want it playing it every city. The questions that populate my mind every day, questions about activism, feminism, and of course, revolution, take center stage and are given the time and space they deserve. This play is deeply needed.
  • Lainie Vansant:
    15 Jun. 2017
    This play delves deep into what it means to be a woman and an artist in times of political upheaval. It is a compassionate and decisive call to action through metatheatre and the true stories of women from history. Check it out!
  • Nan Barnett:
    25 May. 2016
    So great! The usual Lauren Gunderson smart, funny, witty world, this time populated by women from history that you may or may not know. Regardless you will love them and want to learn more. Somebody produce it again, 'casue I wanna see it!!
  • Valerie Weak:
    22 Jan. 2016
    I saw this in a reading at Playwright's Foundation. This play features many of Gunderson's signature strengths: women of history, a female dominated story, some excellent and witty comedy, and surprising twists on reality. A fiercely feminist story, with fantastic roles for four female actors.