Glenburn 12 WP

"A Native American woman and a Black man walk into a bar taking refuge from the “die-in” protests at Grand Central over police brutality. With the pub deserted and bartender strangely absent, these two strangers have their run of the place. But as the liquor starts to flow, so do some inconvenient truths. “
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Glenburn 12 WP

Character Information

  • Troy Davis
    African / African American / Black or Jamaican
    (assigned male at birth - plot relevant) Male
    Troy Davis, is in his mid 20s. He is young, quiet, visibly hip but a shy-er presence. Hipster/Dork. Handsome. Can be a young 30's.
  • Roberta Jamieson
    mid 30's,
    American Indian (Mohawk preferred)
    (assigned female at birth - plot relevant) Female
    Successful, professional, can be mixed-blood. Should be very "urban-Indian" so the other character does not immediately identify her as Native

Production History

  • Professional
    Throughline Artists - Summer Shorts at 59E59 - Series A