I Said Run.

TEN MINUTE: Shadow, Ivy, and Dolores have gathered together to snap their friend Mara out of whatever funk she's been in. Sadly, it might be the last thing they ever do.
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I Said Run.

Recommended by

  • Eric Duhon:
    19 May. 2021
    A fun and intriguing way to show something we've all been through...growing out of friendships. Sometimes we need to separate ourselves from old friends because the differences are just too many, and sometimes we have to protect the people we love from the darker parts of ourselves. Great ending!
  • Cheryl Bear:
    3 Jul. 2020
    You won't know what's coming in this fabulous horror short, perfect for young actors. Excellent!
  • Rey Dabalsa:
    25 Nov. 2019
    Did not see that ending coming at all. What a wonderful surprise! This can be interpreted as literal or can be staged as a metaphor for the changes a young person experiences. Either approach will produce quite an entertaining evening of theater. Ms. Bublitz is a gifted writer of dialogue in that she captures a character's uniqueness distinctly and effortlessly--something that's not easy to do. This piece is perfect for a talented group of high school students. Highly recommended!

Character Information

  • Mara
    Has been acting weird and pretty awful to her friends for going on two months now.
  • Shadow
    Really into scary movies and stories. Right now pretty afraid about whatever is going on with her bestie, Mara.
  • Ivy
    Really into getting creepy with her friends. Would wish Mara would cut out all of her recent crap.
  • Dolores
    Eats, breathes, and sleeps monsters. Ready to be the next Steven King. Worried about Mara, but no where near as much as Shadow.

Production History

  • High School
    Redwood Day School