The Falling Man

Inspired by Richard Drew’s infamous photograph, two women war with a journalist in the aftermath of their father’s absence post 9/11. The Falling Man decides his own fate while the world around him is in chaos. The Falling Man asks how one mourns a man who won’t return, a man who was half stolen to begin with.
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The Falling Man

Recommended by

  • Megan Ann Jacobs:
    25 Aug. 2020
    Powerful...that's the word that keeps spinning in my head after reading this piece. I would absolutely love to see it staged. The poetry laid out in this piece and the focus on such a complicated moment in our history is very well done.
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    24 Aug. 2020
    Such a bold and powerful short play. The poetic language pulls the audience into the tremendous pain of the piece. Absorbing. Would be incredible to see fully staged.
  • Shaun Leisher:
    20 Aug. 2020
    The poetry in this short piece is stunning as it captures the moments for those facing death and those left behind. A powerfully written new perspective on a well-known moment in history.

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    Columbia University

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