The Way You Made Me

(One-Act, Monologue) Using her trauma as a jumping off point toward creating a better home for herself and her family, Imogen shares her gift of words with an unseen lover. As she unpacks boxes and herself, Imogen recounts through love letters how she discovered happiness despite a life of neglect. A love story told by someone deemed “unlovable”.

Script Updated 06/24/2020
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The Way You Made Me

Recommended by

  • Rachael Carnes:
    21 Aug. 2020
    Powerfully accessible and poetic, revealing depths of self-awareness and healing. An ode to writing itself, to transitions and possibilities. A reading of the piece with Portland's New Play Project lifted the narrative into a dreamy, pull-no-punches place. Brava!
  • Monica Cross:
    16 Jun. 2020
    I saw THE WAY YOU MADE ME at the Femme Fatale Play Festival. Lindsay Partain has created raw language, pulsing with emotion. This play is full of loss and trauma, but still finds a way to bring us hope and joy. It is masterful. It is a play that you lean into, that you can feel engulfing you. Absolutely powerful!
  • Shaun Leisher:
    22 May. 2020
    Wonderful monologue and movement piece that I can’t wait to see staged. Partain perfectly captures the pain that comes with uncertainty around where we call home and who we call family.

Character Information

  • Imogen
    mid 20s-30s,