Through Hike

In the wake of a friend's suicide, four strangers set off on a thru-hike on the Pacific Coast Trail. In the backcountry, they mourn their friend, adjust to each other, and begin to face themselves in the woods.
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Through Hike

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  • Nick Malakhow:
    25 Jan. 2021
    Beautiful, subtle work. Caruso balances gorgeously observed realism in all the human inelegance of natural speech with some illuminating lyricism and wonderfully theatrical moments. The exploration of mental health, grieving, connection, and alienation feels of the moment, and all of these characters (so aptly defined in the character list by their relationship to hiking boots) are quite nuanced. Side note--as an avid backpacker, I enjoyed the representation of backpacking onstage in all its drudgery and profound majesty. I'd love to see this realize onstage!


Thomas Wolfe International Playwriting Prize
Playmakers Repertory Company