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  • Henri Sudy:
    24 Mar. 2023
    This entire premise is, frankly, batshit insane. Which makes it all the more unbelievable that so many of the major plot points are based on actual events.

    What ties it all in a beautiful & fascinating bow are the wildly unique characters and their carefully constructed relationships. SMJ traps you in this small town with these young women, entreating you to not just acknowledge, but experience all the town puts on them.

    Just like any small Ohio town, SMALL TOWN ICONS will stay with you... whether you make it out or not.
  • Rachel Greene:
    9 Jul. 2022
    I absolutely could not put this play down! Perhaps it is because I was once also a theatre-kid teenager from a small religious town in Ohio, but this play and these characters rang so incredibly true to me. SMJ strikes the perfect balance of dark humor, true trauma and rage, and enticing mystery, all in the neat package of a fast-paced, engaging revenge play. This story is delicious, exciting, and easily one of my favorite plays I've read in recent memory. I can't wait for an opportunity to see it staged!
  • Max Berry:
    9 Jul. 2022
    SMJ captures the dark sides of living in a small town perfectly. "small town icons" gives us a friend group that anyone can, for better or for worse, relate to, and exaggerated it to a truly frightening degree. With every character feeling isolated for one reason or another, SMJ throws them all in a room together with little to no escape and says "figure it out." The ensuing battle of words (among other things) is equal parts heartbreaking and horrifying.
  • Brynn Hambley:
    18 Jun. 2022
    While reading this play I was reminded of my own teenager-hood as a young wannabe actor in a small town overrun by "Christians". This play made me laugh, made me gasp, and reminded me of the anger I still harbor from those days. Visceral, phenomenal, and sorely needed in a time where so many of us have religious and social traumas. I can't wait to see this play on a stage!
  • Jelisa Jay Robinson:
    1 May. 2022
    This play took me on a journey. There were moments were I laughed. Moments where anger boiled inside of me. Moments where I did both. The dark comedic vibe kept me hooked and invested in the characters. I would love to see this work on its feet in someone's season!
  • Alicia Margarita Olivo:
    13 Mar. 2022
    A literal jaw-dropper of a play with a beautiful, gorgeous ending. Four girls on the cusp of adulthood play with power, maturity, violence, and, of course, revenge. The characters and setting somehow manage to be incredibly distinct and grounded and simultaneously timeless at the same time. SMJ promises, delivers, and then whirls you around in your seat, leaving you breathless. Fantastic. I want to see 10000000 productions of this!
  • Mackenzie Raine Kirkman:
    16 Dec. 2021
    small town icons feels like riding a cart down the hill. it's thrilling, exciting. it's fun and fast paced. then suddenly you realize you have no control, no idea what's happening or how to stop it until the inevitable disastrous conclusion barrels at you, unavoidable and brutal.
  • Chandler Hubbard:
    29 Apr. 2021
    Disturbing and thrilling at the same time. These characters will hook you along on their small-scale journey, which quickly becomes much grander.
  • Audrey Lang:
    3 Mar. 2021
    My jaw DROPPED reading this play. But even before that moment, "small town icons" has such clarity in its characters. They're fun to listen to until they're not, but they are always compelling. And I love the way that SMJ's story fills a whole space. Even though I was reading the play rather than seeing it, I could visualize the action and physicality in a way that makes me excited to see the play performed!
  • David Marquette:
    16 Feb. 2021
    a very interesting read, i stumbled across this script by chance and was engaged the entire time reading. each character seems absurd but also somehow very realistic, they're fighting their own individual battles and that drives a lot of their interactions. a very heightened world that feels like a dream and a crushing reality at the same time. wish I could see it in person.