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  • Michael Garcia:
    22 Jun. 2022
    Yes, I'm a "day late, and a dollar short" but what can I say, I'm new here!

    I generally do not gravitate towards: "super-hero" type films, and/or content BUT, this play intrigued me. I specifically enjoyed how real time and fantasy/escapism were interwoven in the script. In addition, the subject-matter itself is all too real - and unfortunately, relevant six years after the play was first shared on NPX. For me as a new playwright, this play is a lesson all by itself.

    Kudos to the playwright!

  • Charles Jackson:
    8 Jan. 2022
    I just finished reading this play, and all I can say is it's spellbinding. Typically, I do not particularly appreciate reading plays that feature black boys being killed by a cop; I carry that fear every day as a black man, so I don't enjoy reading about it. However, this show was not trauma porn that many plays about the subject are. Inda Craig-Galvan has a heartfelt and tender masterpiece. She approached her play with empathy and love. Black Super Hero Magic Mama Is a true gem, and I hope to produce this play in the future.
  • Ryan Polk:
    4 May. 2021
    I absolutely loved every word of this beautiful play. I started it and couldn't put it down until I was done. The way that the playwright used the fantasy elements to tell this story was masterful. 100/10, highly recommend!
  • Ellery Campbell:
    30 Apr. 2021
    Beauty and uniqueness encased with tragedy, a beautiful piece of work
  • Christopher Graham II:
    30 Apr. 2021
    This was so beautiful and powerful and unique. Loved every line.
  • Martay Whitfield:
    29 Apr. 2021
    This was a beautiful play. I loved the dialogue and the characterization.
  • Frida Cantu:
    25 Apr. 2021
    Such a beautiful script. Words cannot describe just how much I loved this script.
  • Mark Beach:
    25 Apr. 2021
    Super charming and heartbreaking all in one. Such an amazingly written script that tackles very current subjects in a way I never could've thought of in a million years. One of the most genuine scripts I've ever read.
  • Andrew John:
    25 Apr. 2021
    This play was lovely to read. I really was emersed with the characters and the story.
  • Jasmine Aurelio:
    24 Apr. 2021
    So beautifully written! It perfectly tackles the injustices that black individuals face and the false narratives that are put out in the media, while also bringing in this fantasy world that allows the audience to step into Sabrina's mind as she escapes reality. From its message, to its characters, and theatricality, this play is one you won't regret reading!