The Last Great American Bear Hunt

A retro-future adventure with a lovesick bear.

An oligarch and his wife cyber-fuck in a MegaCity of skyscrapers, concrete, and reality radio. A father and his son take a chopper hunting expedition to The Wilds to bag the last grizzly. But the grizzly’s got a gun and out in those woods, nothing’s quite as clear-cut as it seems.

A morality tale set in a post-electric America.
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The Last Great American Bear Hunt

Recommended by

  • Noah Casner:
    14 Apr. 2020
    Absolutely loved this play and its world-building! The relationships are brilliant and what a way to wrap everything up at the end. More plays like this please!!
  • Gina Femia:
    16 Oct. 2017
    This play is completely badass, one of the most successful dystopian futures I've read in a play with a world that is not so similar to ours. Lydia's got a powerhouse of a voice and it's thoroughly represented in this amazing play.
  • Eugene O'Neill Theater Center:
    27 Apr. 2016
    It is the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's pleasure to recommend Lydia Blaisdell and their play The Last Great American Bear Hunt as a finalist for our 2016 National Playwrights Conference. The play rose through a competitive, anonymous, multileveled selection process that took nearly nine months to execute. As one of 54 finalists out of more than 1,450 submissions, the strength of its writing has allowed this work to prosper in such a competitive selection process. Our readers especially responded to the wildly imaginative wrld of the play and deft structure of the storytelling.

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