A Tree Grows in Longmont

One-Act: (2019) Allen and Philip were together for fifteen years, apart for twenty, and now at the place where the tree has been planted in Allen's memory, they recall their life together and apart.

Published by Smith Scripts.
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A Tree Grows in Longmont

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  • Steven G. Martin:
    25 Apr. 2021
    Philip Middleton Williams nicely balances a difficult path in this beautiful memory play. He details in his relationship with Allen Pfannenstiel, including several moments that had to have hurt very much, and he does so objectively so that he and Allen are seen as 3-dimensional people with flaws and strengths rather than types.

    The structure of this play is beautiful, the scope both broad yet focused, and the details highlighting the character of two men in love and ultimately as best friends are rich and plentiful.

    We may never fully know a person, but Williams creates a strong portrait here.
  • Matt Cogswell:
    18 Jan. 2021
    Having had the pleasure of directing Williams' "Last Exit," its incorporation in "A Tree Grows in Longmont" is all the more intriguing. The longer play deftly uses theatrical devices to extend the narrative of a relationship. The dialogue exchanges are realistic, and they bask in the awkward moments and the beautiful moments we too often try to hide, such as our happy dance. Williams' dry humor blends with too realistic statements such as "Hope is my greatest weakness." The epilogue to the play within the play is the perfect tribute we would all hope to give.
  • Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn:
    3 Oct. 2020
    I was constantly wiping tears away from the moment I read "WAIT" at the end of the play within a play, to the very end of this whole piece. It's a memory play, but it also is a love letter. To love. Love isn't always pretty and perfect. Love is costly, because it costs you your heart. Philip Middleton Williams has definitely given his heart to not only the characters in this play, but to the audience that witnesses it as well. And that is the bravest act of love of all. The love you give away. A beautiful play.

Production History

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    Silver Tongued Stages, Miami, Florida -- Video production