This Car Trip Suckss

FULL LENGTH, YA friendly/high school friendly. In this road trip friendly dark comedy, we watch Tess and her Dad on the way to an eating disorder treatment center to drop Tess off. Two people in a car driving somewhere no one wants to go to, about to deal with a disorder neither of them completely understands.
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This Car Trip Suckss

Recommended by

  • Nick Malakhow:
    6 May. 2020
    I truly loved this offbeat, charming two-hander that gives us two excellent, funny, and complex characters. I loved Tess and her Dad's parallel arcs and the ways they slowly opened up to/reconnected with one another throughout the play. I was particularly impressed with the way Weingarten balanced a somewhat heightened and hilarious theatrical world and conversational style with small and nuanced character journeys! I also appreciated Tess as a well-written and multi-faceted young person in a play that can/should be read, seen, and performed by young people. Would be an excellent choice for an intimate theater space!
  • Rachel Bykowski:
    4 Aug. 2016
    Funny and beautifully quirky father/daughter story that paints a colorful world full of ice cream, mermaids, and eating disorders. The language sucks you in and you stay even though the "car trip suckks."

Character Information

  • Tess's Dad
    race neutral
    Cisgender Male
    superrrr manly, has got himself into some trouble, wishes him and Tess could hang 24/7.
  • Tess
    race neutral
    Cisgender Female
    obsessed with dieting, kinda mean, shut off,likes hooking up in closets(ugh she’s cool!)

Development History

  • Workshop
    Piper Theater Productions Emerging Artist Series, Brooklyn, NY