Through an immersive, interactive bread-baking class, Cecelia invites the audience into how she has concocted her religious and cultural identity using the seemingly contradictory “ingredients” of her background. As the audience learns to bake her challah, they are challenged to explore and question how they are also made of what they eat.

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Recommended by

  • David Valdes (formerly David Valdes Greenwood):
    20 Jun. 2017
    Cecilia Raker demonstrates what makes theatre truly a distinct form here: what takes place in this fictive memoir-meets-baking class could only happen live in a theatrical space. Using the bread-making process as both metaphor and practice, she muses beautifully and with increasing intensity on identity, and the rare space in which she is "not being asked to give up any of myself for the other parts of myself."

Development History

  • Workshop
    Nomad Bakery, Derry NH