Em 'n' Nam

All Em wants is to make the best egg sandwich in the history of egg sandwiches. When she enlists her culinary professor Nam to teach her how she learns that everything in the food arts must be done on purpose. As she tries to figure out how to learn correctly it ends up costing her something she didn't know she had.

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Em 'n' Nam

Recommended by

  • Jason Fliess:
    9 Nov. 2017
    Beautiful theatre of the absurd, taking on power imbalances and rape culture and sexual abuse while also, improbably, being extremely funny. I'm a huge fan.
  • Hallie Palladino:
    8 Oct. 2017
    This play is a terrifying and absurd look at pathological misogyny played out in the most unlikely of classrooms. The play starts dark and gets darker, but it also manages to be deeply entertaining as Formby takes full advantage of the comic possibilities of the heightened world she's created.
  • J. Joseph Cox:
    19 Sep. 2017
    Em ‘n' Nam explores the power and gender dynamics between a student and her professor in a wildly fun, at times horrifying, and absolutely absurd way. Dana creates a classroom where truth is whatever comes from the mouth of the powerful. That truth is defined and redefined with every sentence--be it spoken or not.

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    Stage Left
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    Chicago Dramatists