PAST MIDNIGHT: A Visit with Larry and Viv

Summoned by Vivien Leigh's final companion, Jack Merivale, Sir Laurence Olivier rushes to the apartment where his one-time love has been recovering from a bout of tuberculosis. Viv and Larry's love story was as legendary as the careers they forged on stage and film--until devastating mental illness tore them apart. Is it too late for them to make amends?

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PAST MIDNIGHT: A Visit with Larry and Viv

Recommended by

  • Paula Cizmar:
    15 Feb. 2022
    A love story of two legends, Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, and a great opportunity for two actors to dive deep into the pain and longing behind a relationship. The play contains all the components--love, regret, bitterness, forgiveness, joy, and heartbreak--that human love provokes.
  • Stephen Kaplan:
    18 Nov. 2020
    A fascinating examination and imagining of Olivier and Leigh's final meeting. Crackling with witty repartee and devastating emotion, Hoke crafts her well-known subjects with humanity and shows a possible hidden side to them that beautifully completes their public personas. A great two-hander that actors can really sink their teeth into.
  • Samantha Marchant:
    23 Apr. 2020
    A well structured exploration of love, life and what we mean to one another. Hoke expertly weaves in facts about two movie legends as she keeps the story moving forward. Tender and a bit heartbreaking, this two-hander will appeal to fans of Viv and Larry and to those who just love love.

Character Information

  • Viv
    Stunningly beautiful star of stage and screen
  • Larry
    Good-looking star of stage and screen

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