In a world where superheroes roam the streets, we take a look into a smaller town by the name of Kickapoo, Kansas. Wherein four unknown superheroes by the names of HorseMan, Stan, EarlyBird & QuickChick try to stop the evil KeyMaster from his plan to lock all of the doors in the world! A show about competition vs teamwork and which will get the job done. ​
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Character Information

  • HorseMan
    A super fan of superheroes who becomes one himself after the death of his parents. Still waiting for his powers to come in.
  • Stan
    A nice but awkward superhero. Has the power to break the fourth wall. Has a crush on an audience member.
  • QuickChick
    The youngest of the heroes. Has super speed, but she's not faster than Usain Bolt. Loves social media with a passion.
  • EarlyBird
    Techie Superhero. Has the power of flight in bursts of 1 seconds. Overly competitive and a sore loser.
  • KeyMaster
    The villain of the story. Has a plan to lock all of the doors in the world. Lives in his mom's garage.
  • Mom
    KeyMaster's mom. Stereotypical housewife with a hidden secret that she won't even tell her own child.
  • Pedestrian
    An innocent bystander to the chaos who is constantly somehow involved with every battle.
  • Squirrel Girl
    A former superhero turned mother. Doubled with MOM.
  • Father
    HorseMan's dad. Gets murdered outside a Broadway theater. Doubled with STAN.
  • Mother
    HorseMan's mom. Gets murdered outside a Broadway theater. Doubled with EARLYBIRD.
  • Monkey Joe
    Squirrel Girl's sidekick presumed dead. Performed as a puppet doubled with HORSEMAN.
  • NiceMan
    The world's nicest villain. Commits crimes by asking first. Doubled with KEYMASTER.
  • Burglar
    The culprit for killing HorseMan's parents. Doubled with QUICKCHICK.

Production History

  • University
    Jacksonville State University
  • High School
    Grand Island Senior High School